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Why you should try Dry Cupping Therapy!


If you've ever seen strange circled marks on someone's back that could be mistaken for having wrestled a giant octopus, most likely they have had cupping therapy. But fear not you can ask your therapist to control the marks, they do only last a few days after your session. But what is this Dry Cupping Therapy?




What is Dry Cupping Therapy?

Dry Cupping Therapy is a healing therapy that uses suction to decompress your body, with a whole host of benefits. The vacuum lifts and effects superficial layers of the integumentary system (includes skin, hair, glands, and nerves). The function of the integumentary system is to be a protective barrier of the body, retain body fluids, protect against disease, eliminates waste products, and regulate body temperature.


As the skin layers decompress in the suction. Suction pressure effects the depth of tissues effected from superficial dermis - subcutaneous - muscle tissue. Connective tissues follow upwards and after some time the layers relax and release so more blood flows and the nerve endings relax. Pores open and expand and sweat comes out and is evaporated out, which is where traces of toxin substances can be released. This can be observed as the condensation can build up in the cups.


There are plastic and silicone cups that can be used for various techniques including static and dynamic. Dry Cupping takes just 15 minutes to produce therapeutic effects. It is painless and leaves you feeling awesome. There are other forms of cupping that include wet cupping and heat cupping, which is slightly more invasive, but dry cupping therapy is non-intrusive and completely safe.


While most cupping therapy is done by a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician, there is another branch cupping which is driven by the management and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. This is also referred to as clinical cupping therapy, and it's done to help with pain, soreness and other conditions that may be affected by your muscles. Clinical cupping therapy does not treat illnesses or disease, unlike TCM physicians who are trained to do so. 



What to expect from your cupping session


You will be asked to lay on your front onto a treatment table and remove clothing from your upper body. Females are welcome to keep bras on to be worked around the straps, if necessary. Cups are often placed on the back, neck, and shoulders or the site of pain and the typical session will be around 30 minutes from start to finish.


The cupping therapy session takes about 15 minutes to produce therapeutics effects, and the cupping marks done are controlled accordingly. The marks usually take anywhere from 1 to 4 days to disappear, but this differs from person to person, although people with a sedentary lifestyle or those with current health conditions may take slightly longer. Do check in with your therapist beforehand if you have certain contraindications you want to discuss.


During the session, your therapist will monitor the static cups and adjust accordingly. There is a range of techniques that may be used depending on the style of treatment. Static cupping will generally mean the cups will not be moved. Dynamic cupping can involve a lubricant to assist the movement of the cups around the area, which will feel like a great massage. This helps to loosen the connective tissues and relieve any tension within the area. It can also break down the fatty deposits clumped together that create the appearance of cellulite.


The therapist will safely remove the cups towards the end of the session, which will feel like an amazing release. You may wish to take a few moments to lay and maximise the relaxation. It is advised to take a shower after your session to close the pores on your skin but this is not compulsory.


For more information, & before booking an appointment, please read the full blog post linked below.

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