Essential Oil Pure & Natural - All You Need to Know!


Pursue what is pure & natural. Buy quality over quantity. Learn why you should introduce essential oils into your life. What they are? How they work & more! 


What is Essential oil?

Essential oils are extracted from the oils of plants through a process of steam distillation or cold-pressing.  The essential part of the name is given as it's literally the essence of the plant, rather than the way essential is used in the term 'essential fatty acid'; meaning crucial or usable by the body. This is where some get confused but I like to think of them as an essential part of life; a pure gift from nature. Let's not forget what was used for health care before the pharmaceutical industry was created.

How do essential oils work?

Essential oils are ancient secrets slowly becoming known & accepted in the modern-day. What purer way can we use nature to assist our well-being? Even at first sniff, we appreciate a pleasant aroma, but that is second to the chemical reaction that takes place at a cellular level in your body & brain. They can be used for cleaning, skincare, aromatherapy, diffuse lavender oil for relaxation & more. Search my DIY page to find free product ideas. Aroma & scent are closely linked with our emotions. Smell is our most sensitive sense with the ability to trigger memory & keep us from danger; all thanks to our biological survival instinct. Molecules reach parts of the brain that are associated with the processes of feeling & reacting. Creating an environment with a pleasurable scent that evokes good emotions can have profound benefits on our mood.

Doctor's view of essential oils?

Personal experience of using essential oils is enough to encourage me to continue using them. I love being able to make safe, natural products to put on my skin & around my home; adding that drop of lemon to my water in the morning. Most of us appreciate the reassurance from medical professionals. so here is a short clip on what doctors say.








There are lots of brands in the world of essential oils. My number one tip is to buy pure quality to maximise the health benefits (search checklist article) Don't waste money on diluted products or synthetic scents; potentially being harmful. I choose DoTerra products as they are highly reviewed & scientifically quality tested. DoTerra has over 100 pure varieties. Other popular brands are Young Living Singapore & Hysses. Essential oils are not regulated so be sure to search for & buy pure essential oil Singapore.

Safety guidelines

Although natural, oils essential are extremely concentrated. To give you an idea, just 1 drop of peppermint is equal to about 30 cups of herbal tea. With that said make sure to use them with caution & follow these safety guidelines: 

1. Read labels

The label will inform you if the product for topical use or able to be ingested. The plant name should be given in Latin. 

2. Areas to avoid

Always avoid putting onto sensitive areas, including broken skin, eyes, inner ears, up nose.

3. Dilution 

Dilute with fractionated coconut oil, distilled water or other carrier oils to minimise sensitivities. Suggested 1 drop of essential to 5 drops of carrier. 

4. Sun Sensitivity

Some oils, particularly citrus, can cause skin irritation & colour pigments on the skin if exposed to sun or UV rays, so avoid for 12 hours after using these oils.

5. Hot

Some oils have hot feel properties, like oregano & cinnamon. So be sure to add extra dilution before applying on your skin. Avoid using hot oils on children. 

6. Storage 

Keep oils out of the sun & excessive heat. They come in amber glass bottles to avoid any light adulterating the properties. Avoid using plastic containers as the plastic can break down & seep into your product. Keep out of the reach of children. Highly flammable, keep away from direct flames. 


7. Pregnancy, Babies & children 

Some are NOT recommended for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or on babies. For example, rosemary, clary sage, or wintergreen oils can interfere with hormones (full list of oils). You can use essential oils on children just make sure to use sparingly & heavily diluted. More information on child safety

8. Medication 

Check if any oils interfere with your medicine. Rosemary & Wintergreen contain chemicals that can thin the blood so it can be dangerous to take as well as aspirin or other blood-thinning medications. Always consult your doctor before use if you are unsure or experience any adverse reactions.

Where to buy essential oils in Singapore?

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