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Fascial stretch therapy in UK|Bournemouth




Are you looking for stretching therapies that will speed up recovery for muscles, improve range of motion, strength, or even trying to recover from an injury? My name is Faye Dewitt, & I am a sports therapist. I work with people from all planes of life, from athletes to those who are recovering from injury, & even weight loss clients as a personal trainer, a sports massage therapist, a Fascial Stretch therapist, & an international educator. Have you checked out the different categories of therapy products yet on the other page? If you would like to watch & do a simple stretching video to help with you current flexibility (not fst), click here & scroll down. 


Key work in my life has been in Malaysia & Singapore. A lot of clients that I've worked with were people getting injured while training & their daily performance/ ability to do simple things was affecting their lifestyle. I employ a mix of neuromuscular stretching techniques. This uses the nervous system to decrease stress & gain deeper stretches that help with pain relief. A session may include personal fitness training as part of a fascial stretch therapy session. 

Is Fascial Stretch Therapy effective? 



YES! Part of the reason fascial stretch therapy benefits people like you is because pain is greatly decreased. Your muscles are able to stretch & allow better distribution of weight through your bones & joints. Fascial stretch therapy has been shown to have long-lasting benefits, improves pain-free range of motion by imcreasing flexibility in muscles which, in turn, makes your posture better. During a typical session you can expect me to work on your joints (bones) with gentle stretches on all of the various groups of muscles & fascial lines. I may spend more time on the muscle group that has seen some injuries by stretching the fascia to release the body of any restrictions that may be caused by muscles that have built up a lot of collagen (scar tissue). Scar tissue is something you would get not necessarily from injuries but from being sedentary, repeatedly moving in certain positions during the day or repeted patterns of movement you do a lot in life. As a Stretch Therapist, I believe & have seen many stretch therapy sessions that will have you improve your range of motion in joints, visceral organs, soft tissue, & improve overall fitness. While the name fascia stretching suggests stretching of the soft tissue in your body, it is a full body stretch & release, to help promote flexibility, improve blood flow & muscle tone & decrease inflammation in joints. 


FST looks at your body & the fascia as a whole, rather than segmented muscless. This allows me to effiently assess the quality & health of the fascia throughout the whole body just by stretching.




Top 9 Benefits of fascial stretch therapy

1.Improved posture 

2.Decreased back pain 

3.Decrease risks of injury 

4.Decrease muscle tone 

5.Faster recovery between workout

6.Improved joint range of motion 

7.Improved strength & function of muscles 

8.Improved functions of organs 

9.Decrease overall stress(tension) on your mind & body

Reasons to try Fascial Stretch Therapy (fst) with me

There are less than a handful of fascial stretch therapists/ practitioners in the UK & I happen to be one of them trained directly under Ann Frederick, & Chris from Stretch to Win Institute in Arizona! Albeit stretching people for a living for the past 4 years, as a personal trainer, I also offer personal training sessions, & having worked & studied with the best in the industry to help all my client reach their goals be it therapy or fitness, you can be sure to see & feel the change in your body within a few sessions. With a wealth of knowledge on fascia, flexibility, performance/fitness, & pain therapy, I look forward to changing people's lives one movement & stretch at a time.  Book your consult today, & if you need more information on how you can get me as your therapist, leave me a text/email/fax/pigeon/snail mail/

fascial stretch therapy(fst)  for pain relief low back pain
Faye dewitt fascial stretch therapy(fst) stretching on massage table
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