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There's always a king of the jungle. In the essential oil world Frankincense, is he! Here you can learn benefits of frankincense & why you should get your hands on this liquid gold.

What is Frankincense?

First, let's explain what this ancient wonder, Frankincense is. Also called 'olibanum', it is obtained from the natural resin of the Boswellia Carterii or Boswellia Sacara tree. Farmers chip away at the trunks of the trees, following this it produces an aromatic gum-like resin. Frankincense resin then hardens into an orange-brown gum known as frankincense, which is then made into the best oil frankincense.

There are lots of species & varieties of Boswellic trees in which frankincense/olibanum resin is available. This includes the Boswellia Carterii & the Boswellia sacra tree which is the species that produces the most frankincense. The origin of the Burseraceae plant family can be found in numerous countries such as the Boswellia Serrata based in India, Boswellia Carterii in East Africa and China, Boswellia Frereana in Somalia region, and Boswellia Sacra in Oman & Arabia. Each one produces a slightly different type of resin because of the differences in their soil and the climate, so each source of oil may differ. This creates more diversity in the frankincense oils on the market. However one of the most popular is the Boswellia Carterii and the Boswellia Sacra from the Africa region. The Boswellia Sacra tree is where DoTERRA sources their frankincense essential oil.

Watch this video to get a clearer view of the origin of Frankincense essential oil. Learn how it is sourced from the farmer with his children that live in Somaliland.

Why is frankincense essential oil so expensive?

Frankincense essential oil is a very versatile & aromatic oil making it earn the status 'King of oils', but the king comes at a price. The Boswellia tree is commonly found growing on top of rocky slopes & coastal mountains which can be it difficult & dangerous to get the resin; hence why it is expensive. The process of extracting the oil along with its natural properties is very labor-intensive, from deriving the white sap/resin secreted by the tree, waiting for the resin to dry & harden over the next few days, before scraping it off to be sent to be made available into essential oils that we use.

The Boswellia trees grow up to 8 meters with thin, peeling bark, tangling branches & clusters of leaves. It needs to be properly cared for so that it can continue to produce the resin of the Boswellia for hundreds of years to come. Frankincense can also have different properties dependant on environmental factors, time of the year that it is harvested, & climate. One tree can produce a couple of pounds of resin each year. To achieve the highest quality resin, a tree is lacerated 3 times as anything more may damage the tree significantly & decrease production time because of healing to regenerate. The farmers fear that they may be forced to chop into the trees for resin too often within giving them time to restore.

All this along with the multitude of health benefits & uses you can understand why the price for pure frankincense oil is high.

What is frankincense essential oil used for?

With its medicinal properties, health benefits, sacred constituents & the desirable fragrance, there is no wonder frankincense oil is said to be the liquid gold of nature; it was said to be given as a gift to Jesus by the wise men in ancient times. There are so many benefits available from frankincense. It can be used in so many daily products & purposes for many health conditions & what better way to assist your human healing system than by using the pure gift of mother nature. Here are three areas for consideration of the uses of a frankincense product:

  1. Skin & hair issues - e.g. related to eczema, blemishes, dry skin, itchy scalp, scars & to prevent wrinkles

  2. Stress & Anxiety - Uplift your mood & natural way to relieve stress, leaves you feeling centred & peaceful

  3. Cancer, Disease & illness - improves the immune system, helps fight disease * reduces inflammation, e.g. arthritis (see more detail on this below)

Improve your meditation practice with Frankincense essential oil

Not only is it used for health, Frankincense essential oil is said to be the most sacred oil for spirituality. The aroma has uses in religious & spiritual ceremonies & rituals for thousands of years needed to cleanse, heal & achieve clarity of the mind. The aroma smell of Frankincense is often associated with woody, sometimes citrusy, or spice, often used as incense. Frankincense is also used to promote grounding, openness, & balance. This essential oil is popular for use during meditation due to its spiritual qualities, religious history & grounding properties. Sometimes I like to use a stack of oils that I layer upon the Frankincense essential oil to give more robust benefits & a deeper experience for my yoga & meditation activity & even during study sessions. Get Inspired

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Frankincense Essential oils for Cancer & Disease

According to research studies from science you should add quality Frankincense essential oil to assist with your treatment & healing for Cancer, as well as incorporating oils as part of your healthy lifestyle day care. Here is three to four reasons why:

  • When going through treatments to remove the growth & activity of cancer cells, the immune system becomes weakened and cannot perform as well as it should, which is where frankincense can assist. Medical Research suggests it can suppress cancer cell viability and can help to strengthen new cells & the immune system by promoting cellular function. 

  • Frankincense oils emit a healthy response to inflammation. You can take Frankincense internally to support diverse cells in the body as its chemical compounds are a great anti-inflammatory. 

  • It also has great antiseptic properties and is a great antibacterial agent. Medical research shows it can suppress skin cancer and rejuvenate the skin cells, which can also help to minimise scarring & improve the appearance of the skin. This makes them a great choice when it comes to treating sunburns, injuries & pain as well. It is well worth a try to apply Frankincense oil topically to promote renewing cells externally and internally. You can rub a drop of oil into your skin. 

  • The aroma from Frankincense promotes feelings of relaxation, satisfaction, peace, and wellbeing. It is a great oil to lift your mood & reduce the stress of illness, when applied onto the skin or you can try it by diffusing the oil in your home. 

How can I use frankincense essential oil?

Here's a range of top tips to incorporate frankincense essential into your daily life:

1. Diffuse - With a recommended diffuser it efficiently breaks down the oils into tiny molecules that disperse the fragrance into the air from 4-8 hours. Add just a few drops of oils with distilled water. The exact measurement instructions come with the diffuser. You can enjoy the health benefits & the scent of frankincense oil for hours around your home, perhaps your bedroom or even at work. A perfect way to start your day, with the aromatic scent of Frankincense that can promote a feeling of peace & clarity. If you don't have a diffuser many people make their own perfume mist sprays. Use distilled water, witch hazel, then add drops of your essential oils. Make sure you shake the oil before each use to blend the ingredients together. Frankincense is a great base scent to compliment other oils, such as grapefruit, lavender, or sandalwood. As mentioned above, Frankincense is great for meditation, so it is the perfect essential oil to diffuse during a meditation session or to be used to rub into palms to inhale.

2. Ingest - There are a few ways you can ingest oils. Put 1 drop of frankincense oil per 120ml of water & drink or it can be used by adding into veggie capsules to be swallow like medicine. Ensure you only put 1-2 drops of each essential oil as that is all you can ingest at once, so you will waste your precious frankincense. You can repeat this process small & often, take before or with food. 

3. Topically - Rub 1 drop of neat onto the skin every day, a few times a day & keep the consistency up for several days, for example rub onto the temples, the bottom of the feet, or along the spine. For more sensitive skin or to get wider coverage, you can dilute frankincense essential oil with fractionated coconut oil or another carrier oil. Frankincense is a great oil to be used for massage. You can even create your own DIY massage & wellness products, as well as skincare products with frankincense in, this will ensure you know exactly what you are putting on your skin every day. Frankincense is great to decrease any itching or irritation on the skin & to encourage the skin to feel & look rejuvenated. Children must dilute before use. 

4. Sublingually - You can also put 1 drop of frankincense oil under the tongue, keeping your month still for at least 30 seconds to allow it to absorb through the plethora of capillaries which will carry it into the blood. This is also said to be counted as a topical application as this method will bypass the digestive system. Frankincense oil from doTerra is safe for consumption but do check if you use other brands of essential oil that you can take them orally or ingest.

When applying essential oils be sure to avoid contact with the eyes, your inner ear, & other sensitive areas. To ensure oils are safe for you, you can do a skin test first by putting a bit of essential oil onto your wrist & leaving it for 30 minutes, to see if you have any side effects. If you are pregnant or nursing or using other medication, do consult your doctor before essential oil use. Essential oil is very potent so do be cautious & use minimal amounts at once. Remember less is more. It is better you apply small amounts more frequently than large amounts in one go. Do consult your doctor is you are taking other medicine.

Where to buy frankincense essential oil in Singapore?

There are many brands of Frankincense essential oils & products available, search & read my other blogs to learn how to choose the right one for you & don't experience a negative side effect from impure oils. For example, you can get frankincense Young Living, Hysses, Aroma hub, or from my doTERRA store where everything is in one place. Just make sure you have considered the highest quality of the frankincense essential, toxin free, to get the maximum health benefits from every product. Keep all essential oils in a cool dry place. When on the search for pure frankincense essential oil, check the label for its Latin name, Boswellia. For more guidance on buying an essential oil product, please do see my other blog available now on Essen

tial Oils Information To Save You Time. before you purchase. 

I hope you have been able to learn from this information and you understand the liquid gold nature of Frankincense Essential Oils now it has been reviewed. To learn how you can purchase at members price from my DoTerra site for your next bottle or any other wellness products, drop me an email message now. If you would have any further questions do comment below. Give me a thumbs up if you liked this articles content & keep following for more so we gain growth together. 

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